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Metal Textiles all metal mesh shielding gasketing is a versatile material used in a wide variety of applications where:

  • High attenuation is required
  • Ease of installation or field replacement is required
  • Extremes in temperature or atmospheric conditions are encountered

Metal Textiles mesh shielding gaskets have been proven in aerospace, avionics, automotive and electronics systems, solving the most demanding shielding and sealing problems.

Mesh shielding gaskets can be made from any ductile material that can be drawn to form a wire. Wire diameters are typically in the range of .0035″ to .011″, with other diameters available for specific applications.

The most common materials include:

  • Monel—An alloy of nickel and copper with good electrical performance and excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Tin-plated, copper-clad steel—SnCuFe is a 1005-1010 steel wire, with a copper outer cladding and a tin-plated exterior. This material has excellent electrical properties and provides EM attenuation over a wide range of frequencies.
  • Aluminum—Alloy 5056 wire provides good electrical performance, is lightweight and is also useful in applications where galvanic corrosion is a concern.
  • Stainless Steel—Good electrical performance. This material is often used for its mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance.

All-metal shielding mesh gaskets are typically installed using mechanical fasteners, press fit into a groove or return flange on a sheet metal enclosure, or bonded in place using a conductive adhesive.



Metal Textiles shielding connector gaskets provide EMI shielding and environmental sealing for a wide array of connector types – including aluminum wire cloth, nickel copper alloy, aluminum and silver plated glass in connector shell sizes from 6-16″.

When a shielding connector gasket is installed between the mounting flange and an enclosure bulkhead, the gasket is compressed between the two surfaces. The elastomer provides environmental sealing, and the conductive substrate or particles embedded in the elastomer creates a low impedance electrical path between the mating surfaces.



  • Wide variety of materials and connector types
  • Easily handled and installed
  • Custom connector cluster gaskets available
  • High shielding and sealing effectiveness
  • Evaluation samples
  • Product application assistance

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