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vent-panelMetal Textiles EMI shielding vent panels provide maximum attenuation with minimal air-flow resistance. Shielding effectiveness is greater than 80 dB at 10 MHz for chromate finished, single layer honeycomb, and is increased to 105 dB using our cross cell construction. By selecting the appropriate frame style, finish, and gasket type, performance can be custom tuned to meet your shielding requirements, and your budget constraints.

Shielded vent panels are constructed of aluminum alloy honeycomb, with a perimeter frame of aluminum extrusion for mounting and gasket application. Various gasket options include wire mesh, spring finger, or conductive fabrics.


  • Honeycomb Shielding Vent Panels – Aluminum: The standard structure is 1/8″ cell adhesive bonded honeycomb, available in 1/2″ or 1/4″ thickness. Steel and Brass honeycomb shields are available on a custom basis.
  • Shielded Mesh Screens – Shielded Mesh Screens replace honeycomb media with several layers of woven wire mesh. They are designed for use on shielded electronic enclosures which require filtered air. Mesh screens are easily removable for cleaning.
  • Framing Options – Standard frame material is extruded aluminum 6063 T-4 alloy. Various C-frame cross sectional configurations are shown on page 2. Many other sizes and styles are available. EMI gasket options include wire mesh and elastomer, groove mounted wire mesh, spring finger gaskets, Metal Textiles oriented wire or Metal Textiles CF conductive fabric over foam gaskets.
  • Mounting – Panels are typically mounted to an enclosure using captive threaded inserts, and threaded fasteners.
  • Shielding Vent Panel Effectiveness – Depending on their size, type of material, finish and gasket type used, shielding vent panels vary in effectiveness. As an example, a 12″ square, tin plated aluminum vent panel with a wire mesh gasket, will provide greater than 90 dB of attenuation, at 1 GHz plane wave. Metal Textiles can provide shielding effectiveness data for your specific vent panel design.

EMI Vent Panel Construction

The cross sections shown to the left depict the construction of the basic Cchannel vent panel, with examples of the material codes from the materials table. Many other frame styles and materials are available. Consult a Metal Textiles Shielding Applications Engineer for design assistance.

Standard gasket construction consists of knitted monel wire mesh, bonded to a neoprene sponge gasket. For other gasket materials, please consult a Metal Textiles Shielding Sales Engineer.

Download the Vent Panels Data Sheet here >>



Electronic equipment with various types of indicative performance or viewing devices, such as digital read-outs or displays, may require protection from radiated electrical energy (EMI/RFI). Typical applications for shielding windows include EMI/RFI shielding for electronic displays and enclosures used in medical, avionic, telecommunication, military and industrial equipment.

These unique shielding windows are designed to enhance clarity in viewing while, at the same time, introduce a high degree of shielding to prevent equipment damage due to impinging radiated electrical energy. Transmittance, conductivity, and image quality can be adjusted or tuned to fit the needs of specific applications.

Metal Textiles offers a wide range of custom-shielded optical windows for displays requiring EMI radiation or susceptibility shielding to meet military, TEMPEST or NSA specifications. Our Shielding Windows have been designed into commercial and military equipment to provide highly effective electromagnetic shielding while providing exceptional optical clarity and resolution.


A Wide Rage of Substrates to Meet Any Optical Requirement

Windows can be produced in glass, plastic or combinations of both. The most commonly used substrates in the manufacture of these windows include Acrylic, polycarbonate, glass, and Mylar (other substrates are available for specialized applications). Metal Textiles shielded windows can also be manufactured with one or more layers of substrates homogeneously imbedded in a clear or colored acrylic substrate and bonded with our optical laminating methods.


Superior Performance in Shielded Windows with Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted wire mesh is used for many EMI/RFI shielding applications. Metal Textiles wiremesh shielded windows:

  • Perform well on all types of electronic displays.
  • Are especially suited where high light transmission and high shielding are required.

Optical windows vary in shielding effectiveness depending on their size, substrate, laminate and gasketing. Shielding effectiveness is determined by the size of the wire openings, electrical contact between intersecting wires and the materials and techniques employed to terminate the wire at the frame edge.


Typical Applications

  • Medical Electronic Devices
  • Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs)
  • Military Equipment
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Architectural Windows
  • Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)
  • Commercial Electronics
  • GTEM

Metal Textiles offers a range of optical quality windows in standard and custom sizes. The optical, mechanical and thermal properties of windows must be considered based on the intended use.


ITO Coated Shielded Windows

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated windows offer a combination of high light transmission, neutral color and low electrical resistance. They are available either laminated or unlaminated and permit direct electrical contact to its coated surface.

  • ITO coated shielded windows are ideal for electronic displays requiring moderate shielding effectiveness with high quality optical properties.



Windows are constructed using a full-lamination process that results in the wire mesh being completely encased. This permits operation under severe environmental conditions.

  • Different wire mesh patterns and alloys allow for a selection of performance characteristics.
  • The substrate can be supplied in materials and colors.
  • Windows may be mounted directly to the equipment interface via a conductive gasket or fastener.
  • Polycarbonate frame designs available.

In addition, Metal Textiles windows are fully laminated to reduce losses from reflection and dispersion. We use abrasion and scratch resistant hard coating laminates optically matched specifically to the application along with anti glare /antireflection laminates to control surface reflections.

Download the EMI Windows Data Sheet here >>